Freshman Student Life Orientation Days

Join us for Student Life Orientation Days 2017! 

2017 Session Dates:

Sessions have limited capacity. Space is not guaranteed until registration and fee have been received. Session dates close when capacity is reached or on the Monday/Tuesday at 9am of the week prior to event. There is no wait list for closed/locked sessions. New students can add supporters and make changes to their sign-up until lock date.

Sign-ups for SLO Days will launch March 22, 2017. Students must sign up by June 15, 2017.

Session Dates

July 20 and 21 Session Full
July 22 and 23 Session Full
July 25 and 26
July 27 and July 28
July 31 - August 1*§
August 2 and 3
August 5 and 6 Session Full
August 8 and 9
August 10 and 11 Now Open
August 14 (Transfer Students)
September 9**

*Mustang Express (July 31 - August 1)

  • Hop on a New Student & Transition Programs bus in either the LA area or the Bay Area for a ride to Cal Poly’s campus and enjoy an additional pre-session night in the residence halls. Limited bus space, regular session registration still available. Additional rates apply. $325 for participants, cover 2-night on campus accommodations and transit to/from pick up location. Meals only provided during session. 

§TRIO Achievers session (July 31 - August 1)

  • If you are a student that has been accepted and is participating in the TRIO Achievers program, there will be a specialty advising session during this SLO Days session on Day 2 in the afternoon. If you are unable to make this SLO Days session and are participating in this program, please contact: Jeff Alexander, Director for TRIO-Student Support Service,  

Summer Institute (SI) & Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) (August 8 - 9)

  • EOP freshman students attending Summer Institute (SI) will not be required to register for SLO Days, as SLO Days activities will be included in the SI program. EOP freshman students that receive an exemption from Summer Institute should register for the SLO Days session on August 8-9. We will plan on hosting social gatherings for our EOP students during these SLO Days session. Transfer EOP students should register for the August 14 session.

**September SLO Days (September 9)

  • Can’t make any of our summer sessions due to extenuating circumstances? Attend September 9 prior to the Week of Welcome to ensure you have all necessary information and are prepared for the upcoming year. Space reserved only for students who cannot attend any other session.


2017 Student Registration Fees:

Freshman Students (with on-campus overnight accommodations): $190

Supporter (family member; no overnight accommodations): $145 each (2 maximum) 

Parent/Supporter Overnight Accommodations

Overnight accommodations for parents and supporters is not included as part of the registration fee. For parents and supporters looking to stay on campus in Poly Canyon Village for an additional fee, visit Conference and Events Planning here. On campus overnight accommodations not available for supporters for September SLO Days.

Refund and Change of Date Fees


Students that are enrolled for Fall quarter must attend both SLO Days and Week of Welcome. No student will be given a refund for SLO Days or WOW unless they are canceled from the university. To submit a refund request, please follow this link.

Supporter Signup Fees – Supporters will be granted refund requests up to the official close date of the session. Once the close date has come no refunds will be granted. 

Refund cost: NSTP will hold on to $25/individual refunded as a fee for the refund. 

Change of Date

Students can change their date to another open date for a fee if approved. To submit a change request, please follow this link.

Fee: $40/reservation 

To view all Orientation Policies, click here

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